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  5. "Mejor evitar esa zona."

"Mejor evitar esa zona."

Translation:It is better to avoid that zone.

August 24, 2013



Are there any rules regarding "it is better" = Mejor or is it just an implied "es"

August 24, 2013


It's the same. You can say "Es mejor evitar esa zona", but we frequently omit the "es".

August 24, 2013


Thanks for the insight!

January 31, 2015


De nada. :)

January 31, 2015


I think I would naturally want to translate it as "Es mejor que..." but that's not right is it? "Mejor que" would make more sense translated as "better than." ??

June 28, 2015


It's grammatically right, but it's not exactly the same.

You can use "Es mejor que..." to talk about someone in particular:

"Es mejor que (tú) evites esa zona".

"Es mejor que (ustedes) eviten esa zona".

"Es mejor que el grupo evite esa zona".

June 29, 2015


no puedo responder directamente. ¿se usa al subjuntivo porque "es mejor que..." es algo como una valoración?

December 24, 2015


Sí, supongo que sí. Es una opinión subjetiva, después de todo, porque yo puedo opinar que algo es mejor, y tú opinar lo contrario.

Aunque viendo tu nivel de español, seguro que sabes que no siempre se puede explicar el subjuntivo así, y que hay expresiones que también indican valoraciones, opiniones, etc., y que usan el indicativo. :)

December 24, 2015


¿xq usas el subjuntivo en tus ejemplos?

December 23, 2015


SqueezeboxSarah me preguntaba por la opción "es mejor que", así que puse algunos ejemplos para que viera la diferencia entre "Mejor + infinitivo" y "Es mejor que + subjuntivo".

December 24, 2015


tengo mis problemas con el subjuntivo. a veces yo sé que lo tengo que usar, pero no siempre. muchísimas gracias por tu respuesta(s) :-)

December 24, 2015


De nada. :)

December 24, 2015


Depende del contexto Algunas veces puedes omitirlo

January 16, 2018


Anyone else having a hard time understanding what is being said...and end up getting the word wrong because it sounds like something else

July 19, 2014


I sometimes find it hard to recognize the sounds, especially when the robot presents words I don't know yet.. I find it easier with a headset, which gives a clearer sound than my laptop speaker. I would have trouble, though, even if it were a real person. Very few people enunciate as clearly as the voice in this program.

July 27, 2014


Yes indeed, thank heavens for the subtitles on Spanish-language films ! Some singers have the knack though, try this, it's beautiful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T03ncne5Mjo

October 23, 2018


Yup. I slowed it down but was still scratching me head over "sona" and then it turned out to be "zona".

August 27, 2015



February 8, 2018


all i can think about is old school sonic the hedgehog

May 6, 2015


LOL! Look at this! youtube.com/lifenoggin

January 16, 2018


Very important in south america ;)

December 25, 2016


Why is everyone hinting at some hidden meaning to zone and not telling us what it is? Are we talking about a "red light district" or an area where the drug trade is in charge?

May 4, 2017



February 8, 2018


AKA "amiga zona"

March 2, 2017


Ya no vamos a Ravenholm

April 25, 2017


What is Ravenholm, please?

May 4, 2017


It's a reference to a game called Half Life 2. They don't go to Ravenholm because the city has been destroyed and overrun by unspeakable evil.

May 4, 2017


Thanks. I try to keep up with these things although I don't indulge myself.

May 5, 2017


Definitivamente hablando del 'friendzone' xD

August 23, 2017


Por que no 'ES mejor evitar esa zona' ?

January 9, 2015


Would "Best to avoid that zone" work also?

January 31, 2015


I said "better avoid that zone," and it was permitted.

May 19, 2015


'Best avoid that zone' was not accepted, a bit harsh, I thought, so I reported it.

August 15, 2015


Ya thats what i said and it was oopsed...

December 31, 2015


Blowout soon, stalker.

July 23, 2015


Get out of here Stalker

September 15, 2015


No usted

October 16, 2015


What are zones in Spanish speaking counties? (say Mexico for example) I'm guessing this something more defined than saying Better to avoid that area. or not?

December 24, 2016


It is probably a zone of danger.

June 3, 2017


"Evitar" es semejante a "habitar"...

November 24, 2014


I put "You'd best avoid that zone". Is there any reason this ie wrong?

March 28, 2016


There is no "you" in the Spanish sentence. "You'd best avoid that zone" is specifying that a specific person should avoid the zone, but the original sentence is more general.

June 25, 2016


No, there is a general ''you'', meaning the same as ''one''. It does not refer to a specific person.

October 23, 2018


I am uncomfortable with the use of zone. I think DL means area unless they are talking about no parking zones

April 13, 2017


Barry Evans, I personally think the'yre talking about Area 51.

January 16, 2018


What's the official definition of "mejor"? Is it "best" or "better"? I feel that those two seem interchangeable at times.

May 4, 2017


I think it is the same as between and among. Mejor is "better" when comparing two things and "best" when choosing among three or more. If any native speakers disagree, please speak up.

May 4, 2017


The forbidden zone

February 9, 2018


I'd like to know if the word, "zona," has the same meaning in the mind of a native Spanish speaker as the word, "zone," does in the mind of a native English speaker.
How many native English speakers would say, "It is better to avoid that zone," instead of, "...that area," when they are talking about some place that isn't in a video game? For that matter, who wouldn't say, "place," really?
I could probably count one one hand how many times I've heard or used the word, "zone," outside of a video game in the last year. Is it the same in Spanish, or is, "zona," used pretty regularly where you would use, "area," in English?

June 23, 2018


What about parking zones at airports ? There is sadly plenty of mention of war zones on the news. I can honestly say I have never heard the word used in relation to video games. I don't play video games. You don't go to airports or watch the news.

October 23, 2018


why are we using "evitar" and not "evita"? I thought that using the infinitive the translation would be "avoiding" ??

March 19, 2014


Infinitive is always to + (verb). (Verb)-ing is a gerund, a verb acting as a noun.

July 16, 2014


In English, the infinitive is always the "to" form. In Spanish, it seems to vary. It seems to me that de plus infinitve becomes the "ing" form.

July 16, 2014


Why isn't there a prep between Mejor and Evitar? I am thinking about A.

May 19, 2017


"Evitar" already means "to avoid," so you wouldn't want to put an a in there. But I understand the feeling that there should be another word in there. (My brain wants to put "que" in, but that would definitely not work because "mejor que" turns the sentence into a comparison, which would make it a sentence fragment.)

May 23, 2017


f r i e n d z o n e

August 24, 2017


What about "It is the best to avoid that zone?

October 30, 2017


Don't let me into my zone, don't let me into my zone...

December 6, 2017


Why are 'this' and 'that' different? :)

January 1, 2018


This is like a phrase from a sci-fi alien movie!

January 16, 2018


Why why why! Why not just use the choices given and STOP confusing yourself!

January 20, 2018


"See all the plight, kids? Roll em up! "

March 3, 2018


I said "It is better to stay out of that area" And it was for some reason wrong

May 18, 2018


Zona can be translated as "region" as well as zone. It is more natural to say "better to avoid that region" than to say "better to avoid that zone."

July 15, 2018


I entered: ''Best avoid that area''. DL said it was wrong and that I should have said ''Best to avoid that area''. Best not argue with them ? Many leave out the ''to''.

October 23, 2018


We do not use the word zone the same in English, in fact we never use it. We would say this area, or part of town.

January 3, 2019


I put "It better avoid that zone" and got counted as wrong ):

January 7, 2017


You know for yourself that doesn't sound right in any language.

January 20, 2018
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