"Estas son bicicletas."

Translation:These are bicycles.

5 years ago


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why wouldn't it be "those are bicycles" i still have trouble with this stuff :/. It is frustrating

5 years ago


"these" = "estas/estos"; "those" = "aquellas/aquellos/esas/esos"

5 years ago


This question seems weird. Aren't "Estos son bicicletas" and "Estas son bicicletas" both correct? I just had a question where "Eso es una botella" and "Esa es una botella" were both correct...

4 years ago

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It is best to go to this link and study the differences in the Demonstratives (adjective and pronoun), or do other google searches. We have to use outside references along side of Duolingo. It is not as easy as one would think and is way to hard to explain in a single post

And please read all the way to the end to get your answers. http://www.studyspanish.com/lessons/demonstratives.htm

Another good reference: http://spanish.about.com/od/adjectives/a/demonstrative_adjectives.htm and http://spanish.about.com/od/pronouns/a/demonstrative_pronouns.htm

Everyone needs a good grammar book or text book, but google searches work well.

Good Luck

4 years ago


It said "estos son bicicletas" I live in Peru for a lot of years so this test is sooooo stupid

11 months ago
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