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Guess where I'm going tomorrow?

Not Brazil...the other, little one....I'm a bit nervous....but hey, if there's any cats that are after some milk, or lions writing letters, I'm ready!!!!

August 24, 2013



Remember to buy a few good books in Portuguese while you are there. Boa sorte.

Oh, here are a few more classic Duolingo sentences to try out while you are there: "Você fala com seus gatos?", "Eu te amo, mas não muito", "As chaves são do golfinho" and "O menino fala com o tubarão", but at least you can't say "Eu não faço nada de interessante".

(All sentences courtesy of https://twitter.com/shitduosays).


You had me laughing out loud with all that.


How dare you refer to Portugal not by name, but by "The other, little one" compared to Brazil! I'm offended!...I'm kidding of course, though if I was Portuguese, I wonder if I would be offended for realz. :P Anyway! Jokes aside, that's awesome. Don't be nervous (easier said than done of course!) I bet they'd be happy just to see you try. =) Good luck but most importantly, enjoy yourself!


Yes man!! Enjoy it a lot and practice it a lot.. dont be ashamed or scared of sharing the things you've learned... try the best you can! Come back home with the feeling: "No regrets! I did my best!" Im sure you'll have a good time. Then share with us how it was like, right? Have a good trip!!


Here's my one piece of advice: Nobody in Portugal knows how roundabouts work.


Nobody in Portugal knows how to drive safely more like...


Have a great trip, dude! Remember that pillows don't talk and that you're not an ant!


What, are you serious?! My whole life has been a lie!



I'm mini jealous! I heard Portugal is awesome. Have fun! =)

PS: Remember they don't use gerund! #thingsduolingopeoplesay

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