"Huset måste flyttas."

Translation:The house must be moved.

March 6, 2015

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Does this mean that the house has to be physically moved, or that the residents (the household) are relocating?


Physically moved. The whole house/building.


Oooff. That makes me tired just thinking about it. Och tack så mycket.


Another interesting fact: a building was literally moved in Mexico in the 50s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jorge_Matute_Remus#Movement_of_the_telecommunications_building


Sometimes buildings are moved on the East coast of England because the coast is eroding so fast. Usually things like lighthouses.


Tack för den intressanta berättelsen. Vi såg i Tyskland en kyrka som flyttades 15 km. Den står i dag i Borna i en andra kyrkans gård.


Jag hade att läsa en artikel om det på SFI


Dear Arnauti,can we also say,,,the house must be removed


'Moved' and 'Removed' mean different things. Moved = taken from one olace and put in another. Removed = taken away from this place, whith no suggestion that it is wanted anywhere else. It implies that the house is just being knocked down.


I live in a historic (for Michigan at least :-)) town where they have been moving houses and other buildings for at least 100 years when the space the building sits is needed for another purpose. We love our old buildings and (usually) work hard to preserve them for future generations.


I think i'll just sit and eat a sandwich while everyone else does the hard work, moving a house sounds like a nightmare

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