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Passed a language interview after one month of Duolingo!

Last time I practised my french was in high school about 15 years ago.

Last July, I started learning French again through duolingo. This week, I had an interview for a job in which French was the language used in the job, and I passed the interview!

Thanks guys, :D

August 24, 2013




Were you using other things to practice with/learn with aside from Duolingo? Did your previous French education help you? Was the entire interview conducted in French?

I'm a little bit further ahead of you in the skill tree and I know there is no way i could have conducted an interview in French.


Same here. I've begun to write texts on lang-8.com though, and want to do so on a regular basis. Apart from that I force myself to read a French wikipedia article a day.


I've heard good things about lang-8. I don't really know enough to write anything coherent though, it would just be random sentences. I really should look at other things as well as Duo, such as Lang-8. I do have a Memrise account, but i've only been on there a couple of times. Recently i have been trying to read Le Monde's website. I do find that i recognise a lot of the words now.


Same here. I have the Le Monde App on my phone and try to scan through the articles on occasion to see how their language use compares to Duolingo. Also, I've started looking for french movies and radio stations to get a feel for native conversational french. I still have a really hard time understanding French verbally, but I have plenty of tree to work through yet.


I find that understanding spoken French is very difficult too. I'll often watch Youtube videos where people are talking French and i see that i have a long way to go. They seem to speak so fast! But I don't know enough words yet, so i have to keep practicing. There was a French TV show on British TV recently, I felt really happy when ever i heard the odd familiar word, there was even a couple of times where i understood really short sentences, without needing the subtitles. We just have to keep learning and practicing! We will get there!


After about a year of consistent study you will find that you can actually understand a lot. I was able to have an actual conversation, albeit very simple, with a French person I met this summer.


Thanks for the encouragement!


FYI they are speaking fast. The more you hear the faster your ears and mind will pick up and translate the phrases. After a while it will seem like their speech slows down even though it doesn't.

The key is to listen to as much French as possible to get your ears used to it. A few key things I would suggest would be to watch movies or listen to audiobooks that have French tracks.

I think it is best, at first, to watch English movies, or listen to audiobooks, that have French tracks and that you are familiar with as you will already know the dialog and what is going on and can focus on the French. Nowadays, most DVD's have French and Spanish tracks and many audiobooks may be found at public libraries.

Once you get comfortable with that, you can move on to watching French movies with English, or French subtitles. There are a lot of great French films out there, many of which may be rented from the DVD portion of Netflix. Unfortunately, Netflix's streaming does not have many options and it is not possible to change the audio or subtitle options in most of them.

Of course, the best way to learn a language is to spend a lot of time speaking to native speakers, in French of course, but I hope that the above suggestions may be of assistance in the absence of a readily available native speaker.


Congrats! That is fantastic.


Thank you all,

Yes, my wife is half francophone so she helped me a little bit.

I have to say that, although it was as difficult as learning from the start, once I started using the new words or verbs on duolingo I remembered most of them from my high school. I didn't think it'll help me 'recover' my memory so fast.


p.s, I only found out that Duolingo has a website yesterday! I was only using the mobile app for the past month and half, and it's one reason why my score is still so low because I would only do tests when I'm on break or on the bus. Now I'm excited to be able to take the tests from my computer!!


Awesome! I'm wondering how many time you spent / skill points you achieved each day.


Woww thats impressive!! Congratz :)


C'est magnifique! Bien fait!


Félicitations! J'ai trouvé il est trop difficile de parler qu'écrire. Bonne chance.


wow! congratulations! that's amazing!:D

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