The sound doesn't seem to be working today.. speakers switched on, Duolingo set to play sound, sound working on other websites and videos..... any ideas?! Cheers!

December 9, 2012


Have you tried opening Duolingo in a different tab? This happened to me once where I had somehow managed to mute the page.

Thanks for that! I ended up having to switch all the sound off, re-open internet explorer, then switch all the sound back on... somehow it's working again now! :)

Hmmmm... unfortunately happening again today... can't progress in any of the lessons because I fail on the questions which only have sound......... tried opening a new tab, didn't work this time. Any more ideas?! Cheers!

I'd suggest that if you have tried everything then maybe there's a firewall problem? If you go on your Duolingo settings and turn off the speakers then you can progress with lessons until you figure it all out.

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