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help meee, i can't type #'s on streams!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for example if i was to try to comment on this one (pretend you've posted it) and i tried to type #fnaf or something, when i press save it only saves as fnaf, i've tried everything

March 6, 2015



The hash/pound key is a formatting key for Duolingo's mark up. It makes whatever is next to it bigger. It shouldn't be a problem in the Activisty stream though. It should just show up as the pound/hash key.


It's used for formatting, as the bunny says, but if you want to circumvent it on the forum you can add a backslash before it, like this:

<pre>\# </pre>

Which turns into this when you post it: #


Umm, I Am Sorry For Acting So Uncivilized Yesterday, & I Hope You Could Find It In Your Heart To Forgive Me, Usagiboy7! I Felt Really Guilty & Wanted 2 Appologize.


oh, ok, i wondered why it made the numbers bigger, thnx

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Technically speaking, the # is markdown for heading that is 'translated' into HTML tags. The more #, usually the smaller the heading font size gets (unless it's defined otherwise).

The activity doesn't support any kind of markdown, not even a line break (unfortunately).



say wha???????!!!!!!!!!

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