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  5. "Hvilken én?"

"Hvilken én?"

Translation:Which one?

March 6, 2015



according to Lundskær-Nielsen's grammar, "hvilken" is mostly found in written Danish; "hvad for en", in colloquial language. So this phrase is a very formal one, ikke?


While one should strive to use "Hvilken én", if writing, you're right in that "Hvad for en" is most commonly used, when speaking. Especially like: "Hva' for en?", which I imagine is just another example, where non-native speakers hear multiple words as one, "Hvafforen?"


mange tak! very handy


This is highly dependent on region and social circles.


Hear ye! Hear ye!

If you have a Win7+ Operating system, you can easily install the danish keyboard layout.

Now, with this keyboard you must do the following to put the accent on ANY character. I repeat, ANYTHING.

There are a few keys near ÆØÅ that do not do anything when pressed, but if you press space afterwards you'll get

The key to the right of å directly (normal, shift and alt): ¨ , ^ , ~
Looks like: ä , â and ã

The key to the right of + directly (normal, shift and alt): ´ , ` , |
looks like: é, è, |

You can use these to type ALMOST any character in the derivatives of the latin alphabet, except for the double accent. It's on the keyboard, because I used it before.. but I forgot how to do it.

This also works on Ubuntu operating systems. Current O.S of mine is 8.1 so it WILL work with it.


Ah, alt was the one I was missing! Thanks; I've been using the Danish keyboard for Irish and Portuguese, for exactly that reason.


If only I could find the double accent pointing to the upper right... Like on ő/ű... then I could use my Danish keyboard for all my Hungarian needs as well. (Really felt like typing også instead... shorter and sounds better!)


On android you can press and hold the e and a little menu will pop up for you to select it.


how to get that "e" with that thingy on top?


Don't. I have never ever seen a dane write "én". Just go with "en" it is never mandetory to write é


On a Macintosh computer, you can press "alt" and "e" at the same time, then the tilde you're looking for will pop up in yellow. Then, press whatever vowel you want to accent (in this case, "e"). For any other operating system, I have no clue. Windows likes to be especially difficult with modified characters.


I'm not sure if this works on all Apple computers, but I've found that if you hold down the E key a little menu pops up above the letter that you can choose an accented version from.


That also works.


Wait, what? That letter is in danish? The world is turning upside down! No seriously, is that an error?


Well, it's not particularly a letter in the Danish alphabet, but is just used to put extra emphasis on en and et, to stress the one-ness:

  • I see a car. - Jeg ser en bil.
  • I see one car (only one). - Jeg ser én bil (kun én).


Why the acute accent on the e in én for one. It’s not listed as a standard accent in Danish.


Huh... that accented e isn't an option when writing Danish; I'm guessing it's actually not that common of a letter?


Anyone worked out how to do this on a PC?


Put on your Number Lock, hold down Alt and press 0233 on your number keyboard. If you don't have one, press Alt, then Fn, and then 0233. Hope that helps.


Could this be a possible answer: «De lyserøde bil, tak.» Tak for hjelpen :-)


If you say den, it's good. :)

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