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Scope & Sequence?

Where can I find a scope and sequence or outline of the whole program (for Spanish)? Or at least how many "lessons" and "levels" there are. I want to figure out how it equates to a traditional curriculum, other than just the number of hours invested. Thanks!

March 6, 2015



If you sign up for the Spanish course you'll be able to count the skills and lessons from the home screen.

The consensus seems to be that a Duo course will enable you to reach an A2/B1 level in reading and writing, but that you'll have to supplement it with other sources to bring your listening and speaking up to par.



This does not have the scope & sequence, but it contains the contents of the Spanish tree:

Google Doc with the information:


You can make a copy of the document and add anything else.

I discussed this in this post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6938091

I hope it is useful!


Hola! te mandé un correo pidiendo permiso de accesar tu documento. Me interesa mucho leerlo y ver la organización que utilizaste. Me permites usarlo?

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