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  5. "Is the office there?"

"Is the office there?"

Translation:An bhfuil an oifig ann?

March 6, 2015



Why is this not "an t-oifig"? Is it beacuse oifig is feminine?


Yep. You only use t-prosthesis with masculine nouns.


What's the rule about whether to use h- vs. n- vs. t-?


There are several rules. One general rule is, that the hyphen is only used where confusion could arise:

nathair = snake

athair = father

ár n-athair = our father

Very few native Irish words begin with the letter 'h', so the use of 'h' as a gender marker does not requie a hyphen:

a hathair = her father

[deactivated user]

    So many "an"s!

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