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Translation API?

I'm working for a company and we think about internationalization for next year. As a fan of duolingo, I wonder to know how do you plan do build your translation API.

I think about different issues, like website updates.

I understand also how to give you the text to translate, but I wonder how you could give us back the result. In an automated way. Maybe we would have to build an API in our system also?

I don't know at which point you are in this part, but I would be glad to have some details, to start our project in the right direction. And of course then, if we can help to test, we would be glad.

Also, if there is a need to develop some rails or Git plugin, we can maybe work together :)

December 9, 2012



We'll open this up in a few months -- still working on it :)


I saw this today : http://docs.webtranslateit.com/github-integration/ I'm sure you already know about it :) But maybe you can work with them?

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