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Nasty bug in the adverbs test

I've found a nasty bug in a lesson. In the adverbs test, Duolingo proposed me to translate "Ele é o melhor advogado" ("He is the best lawyer.") Yes the sentence I ear is "Atenção! A sua licença expirou. Para renová-la, entre em contacto com o loquendo". :) (I've never heard the word "loquendo" before, by the way.) I typed the correct translation for the written sentence and the system validated it, though.

How does one submit bug reports?

December 9, 2012



This should now be resolved. For some reason our speech synthesizer thought its license had expired (which was not the case).


Oh. Thanks. Now I understand the word "Loquendo". :) (It's a funny sentence in its context. :))


Last time I looked, there was a "still think you are right?" button. Click that and give an explanation. If there is no other option, use the "Feedback" tab to the far left, middle. Also, if you have language-specific questions, post then in the appropriate section rather than Duolingo, which is for general usage issues. Welcome!


Hi. Thanks for the answer.

Well, I couldn't use the "still think you are right?" button because I gave the correct answer.

I did not notice that "feedback" button, but it seems it is a general feedback, not a feedback specific to the test being answered to. But I am not sure about that.

It is not a language-specific question. It's not a question about language. What happened is that they introduced a sound which has nothing to do with the sentence. It's a bug, not a language error.

In fact, the title I gave to this post first was: "How does one submit bug reports?", which is a general question and the one I really want to see answered to. But I changed my mind and altered it to be more specific, so that those people doing that test would read it. In retrospective, maybe that was a bad choice.

I intended this post both as a bug report and as a question on how to submit bug reports.


You are right, you can use the "feedback" button, but, like you said, it is tailored for more general feedback. But all that means is, you just have to make sure you give specific enough details on the question with the bug (as you did in this post), so that the Duolingo crew can find it again in the lessons and fix it.

Like you, I use the "still think you are right" button most of the time, but there are certain times where that button is not available. In those instances, the general "feedback" button works great!


Oh, you are right! I should have posted this in the Portuguese section! I thought I was posting on it. Sorry!

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