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Strengthening your tree

I see so many of you celebrating that you've completed your tree. This is something I'd like to eventually do, and I don't have a time table, but it does get frustrating when I open up Duolingo for the first time in a day and see I need to review 4 lessons. Sometimes I am able to strengthen TWO units at once by clicking on the general "Strengthen skills" button, but a lot of the time, I just get XP and nothing happens.

I want to learn, and I certainly know more Swedish than I had about a month ago, but I kind of feel like a cartoon character trying to stop her boat from leaking. I cover one leak, only for another to appear. I set myself up to do 20 XP a day so I can manage that short amount of time, and sometimes I DO do 50 or 60 XP worth of work. I guess I'm just concerned that when I strengthen my skills, I don't seem to make any progress. I'd like to be able to do a general overview and not have to do 4 individual lessons.

Is there any way to tell when a unit will shift from needs more practice to going gold and vice versa when reviewing?

Maybe this is petty but I just don't have the time to put in 40 XP worth of review constantly and I worry I won't be able to catch up once I get further along -- if I ever do, that is.


March 6, 2015



In my experience, the general ''strengthen'' button doesn't help to efficiently make your tree appear strengthened (=gold). I am usually, unfortunately, better off redoing all lessons one by one.

I have been using Duolingo for about two weeks now, in the last 3 days my whole Swedish tree (from basics to v. pres. 3) seems to decay within 24 hours. I think something has recently been changed causing skills to decay faster, therefore obscuring which skills really need to be reviewed.

Edit: I can confirm something is amiss, I just finished assignment 3 of V.pres. and it told me that I stengthened ''Food'' while the assignment did not contain any words from the food-lesson.


Yeah that's what I'll end up doing, I guess. I'm really surprised out of all the things that have stayed gold, definites and indefinites have never needed review.


I used to learn a skill a day. Now I finished Conjugations and I'm down to 1 skill/week. I strenghten everything decayed back to gold every day. Sometimes it's silly (like doing basics again...) but last time I tried timed practice on questions and I lost after 30 seconds. It reminded me that some "gold" subjects are not fully learned yet. I will plan a week where I am going to actively relearn every skill I did so far before moving on to the next chapter.

So far I have had good experience with golden lessons decaying, it's a good system but sometimes it seems silly rehearsing subjects you mastered. Learning does go slower now but that's ok, when we get to have our whole swedish tree golden, we will know better swedish than the lads who finish it in 1 month.

[deactivated user]

    In general, Duo "rusts" the skills that you have done poorly on more quickly, as well as ones you have not covered in a long time.

    Do not use timed practice to strengthen your skills. I learned the hard way that this does not cause your tree to de-gild as it should, but rather, the untimed practice will be more effective in "plugging" those leaks for longer periods of time.

    I used timed practices to strengthen my completed Swedish tree for the longest time, and became quite frustrated when it hardly helped. When I started using untimed practice, I definitely noticed a difference (however it wasn't immediate, it does take time) in how much easier it was to keep my whole tree gold.

    It is also generally fairly unreliable to use the "Strengthen Skills" button at the right on the home page, as it has a habit of not always covering what you actually need to strengthen.

    TL;DR stick to re gilding individual skills, don't use timed practice, and hang in there until it starts rusting more slowly


    LOL Timed practice for me is more of a typing test. If I'm lucky, I get through three sentences, maybe. I have started with the untimed test and am trying to be more honest with not knowing a word, skipping it if I have absolutely no idea, or using the hover hint if I think I know the word but am not 100% confident.

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