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Lesson completed, but I didn't do it

Hello all.

Has anyone had a group of lessons that was marked complete, even though you didn't do any of the lessons in the group?

When I completed "Objects" in Spanish, the system turned my "Objects" and "To Be" circles gold - as though I completed both. I never went into "To Be", so how could it be completed?

Does the system keep track of your progess through related lessons?

I will still do the "To Be" lessons because I want to learn them. I'm just puzzled.

Thank you!

March 6, 2015



It's because you already learned the words inside of the lessons.


The same thing has happened to me. I just finished objects and 'to be' is already marked complete. Odd, I wonder if its a bug?


This exact issue happened to me.

Have you made it through "Places" yet? I just went to do Lesson 8 and it was showing me Lesson 7 again. The same thing happened to me in "Objects" before it told me that "To Be" was completed.


Hello all - thank you for the replies!

To LamiaDesde - no, I have not looked at Places yet. I want to strengthen the Adverbs and Objects before I move on. I think Christosuivreur is right, I showed my skill level for "To Be" in other Lessons.

Misc note - I had 10 Lessons in Adverbs when I started that Group. I was on Lesson 5 or so, and DL added 2 more Lessons - there are now 12. Maybe DL added a Lesson in "Places"? Just a thought. I will keep this in mind when I work on "Places" too. Thank you!


Update - I had a similar issue with "Places". I completed Lesson 8, but it still showed "START" - I did Lesson 8 again. There may be a bug here. I don't know who to notify. Good luck with your studies!

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