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"Denne teknik virker godt for dem når de laver brød."

Translation:This technique works well for them when they make bread.

March 6, 2015



Why isn't "good" instead of "well" accepted?


"Good" is an adjective that describes nouns; "this technique is good" "Well" in this case is an adverb, so it describes the verb, "works", specifically, how the technique works. "Well" can also be an adjective; "he is well", but that isn't the case here. Adjectives do not describe verbs so saying "this technique works good" is wrong.


Many native english speakers would say "good" there. It is used colloquially, but it is not proper English and people can be snobby about it


Why is 'godt' not 'god'- doesn't it refer to teknik(en)?


"godt" here is an adverb, which isn't changed according to the gender of the noun.

If you did put in "god" you change the meaning of the sentence (would be gibberish though). "Denne teknik virker god...." would translate to "This technique seems good..."


Ah- I hadn't noticed that with adverbs before.

Tak for din forklaring!

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