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Nasty bug in the adverbs test! How do we report bugs?

I've found a nasty bug in a lesson. In the adverbs test, Duolingo proposed me to translate "Ele é o melhor advogado" ("He is the best lawyer.") Yes the sentence I ear is "Atenção! A sua licença expirou. Para renová-la, entre em contacto com o loquendo". :) (I've never heard the word "loquendo" before, by the way.) I typed the correct translation for the written sentence and the system validated it, though. How does one submit bug reports specific to a particular lesson?

December 9, 2012



I hear the same thing in some of the other questions. I reported it through the feedback tab on the left. I got an email back saying they are working to fix it.


You hear that same sentence? Or other unrelated sentences?


I hear the exact same sentence.


It's a funny sentence. I thought: "Oh, no, my Duolingo licence has just expired!" ;-)


This has been fixed. Sorry for the problem!


Loquendo is a texto-to-speech computer program. It takes text and reproduce a audio of the pronunciation of the words...

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