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Immersion : Comments in the "translation" tab


the way to edit sentences in the (new) tab "translation" of the Immersion is great and more user-friendly than the original one (still in use in the "original" tab). But there is no way (or I didn't find it) to put a comment from this "translation" tab when you make a change in a sentence.

Also, I find it damaging not to see automatically (in some way) the history of translations with the comments. Indeed as the immersion is for now, people are not pushed to see "why" we ended at the current translation and so we risk to enter in a "back and forward" thing when one translate as A another as B then someone to A etc...

So I think that, at least if the history of the sentence's translation as one comment or more, when someone edits a sentence he is pushed to read the history...

I hope I've been clear enough, not easy when it's not your mother tongue :)

August 24, 2013

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I agree. I usually have the page open in two browser windows so I can easily go back and forth between the views. That helps a bit.

But I think that suggestion is excellent, to make it possible to add a comment from the translation page, and also to force someone to see the history of the sentence's translation.

I wish the history would always show up on the "original" tab when we click on a sentence instead of having to click on "Show all 7 versions". I think that some people don't bother to read the earlier translations or the comments.

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