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Finished Danish tree--some thoughts!

I just finished the Danish tree today after six months of hard work! I would like to offer some thoughts.

First, I know a lot of people get very discouraged by Danish pronunciation and want to give up. I agree that it seems like an exceptional challenge compared to the other languages here, but I promise that if you stick with it, it gets better! All spoken languages are, essentially, gibberish to the brain initially, and only through consistent practice over time does the brain make the connections to make sense out of it. As an unexpected side effect, I've found that the other languages I'm learning here seem relatively "easy" to understand by comparison. I am quite inclined to think that Danish, with its fast, seemingly muddled pronunciation, has made my brain much more efficient at language comprehension!

From here, I'm going to keep practicing my Danish and the other languages I've learned (consistent exposure--I see this as a long-term effort, not a race), and I think my next stop is Swedish. Like my studies in German and Dutch, I am looking forward to comparing and contrasting these two highly related languages.

And if there's one wish I could make, I hope to see Icelandic here someday! I have some Memrise courses and have scoped out some books, but I feel like Duolingo's sheer ability to make language learning fun is hard to beat.

March 6, 2015



Congrats on finishing your tree!

Even with Norwegian to lean on I'll sometimes struggle to understand spoken Danish, so hats off to you for cracking the code.

Now hurry up and finish that Swedish tree before the next Scandinavian language hatches! ;)


Hah...no rush for me. I'll be happy to let others work out the quirks in the early Norwegian beta--but I will absolutely do the course!


Congratulations! :) I am really enjoying completing the tree and your reflections on Danish pronunciation are very encouraging. It is a challenge for me and I have a long ways to go but I can already feel some progress, even after a relatively short time. My greatest success so far has been when watching a Swedish show a few days ago, I was able to immediately identify that a character was speaking Swedish with a Danish accent, and then later on I was even able to understand some (very) simple Danish phrases. All thanks to Duolingo!



Each language has something uniquely hard: German has cases, Spanish has verb tenses and conjugation, Mandarin has characters, and for Danish it seems it's the pronunciation thing. See link for illustration. I've got 14 ducks, I mean subjects, to go; looking forward to completion!


Haha...that link is great. I really have to wonder what the hell is going on in Denmark these days. ;)


If you want a challenge, do the Irish! I got too impatient waiting for Turkish, so decided to check out Irish in the meantime. Irish makes Danish seem easy (partially because there aren't as many pronunciations for the Irish, they don't come with every word like in all the other Duo languages, so it's really tough for me). And Danish made German seem easy! Anyway, congrats on the Danish tree accomplishment!


I hear they're working on revamping the Irish audio, so I'm going to wait until they've worked out all their kinks. I also hear that the Turkish course should be in beta quite soon. I'm looking forward to it myself!


Well done, i agree the grammar is difficult, it is practice and attention to the correct spelling that gets me, speaking it is a bit easier. I expect it to get much harden the further i get.



I don't plan on starting Danish anytime soon, but you've made some interesting points and I may try it someday just out of curiosity ;)

I'm hoping for Icelandic as well! Weirdly, I have always considered it to not be a very popular language but lately I see quite a lot of people mentioning it, anyway - I'm trying to get it started on Memrise as well. Hopefully there will be a course here in the future (preferably sooner than later) :)


icelandic is cool! i'd definitely give it a try here! :) and i'm really looking forward to start the norwegian course soon :)


I'm looking forward to Norwegian as well! I used to learn it a little so I would like to check how much I remember :)


I would also like to see Icelandic. I am Danish and I would like to be able to read the Icelandic sagas in Icelandic.


It would be really cool to be able to read them in Icelandic. Let's hope that we'll be able to do that soon ;)

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