I love Duolingo, it's such a great concept and so helpful in so many ways. I was just wondering whether it might be possible to include the definite article in the vocabulary lists. Especially for us native English speakers for whom the concept of masculine glasses and feminine steaks is weird! Thank you so much.

August 24, 2013

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I think it would be useful for everyone, not just English speakers, because we all have to learn every word with it's gender in every foreign language (if it has genders, of course). Maybe it's easier for us, who have genders in our native languages, to understand this weird phenomena of things having a gender, but I don't think it makes it much easier to remember the gender of a certain noun when needed.

PS: I agree, feminine steaks are weird. In my native language, they are clearly masculine. Also, where I come from, glasses are masculine only if you are able to drink from them, but if you want to put the thing on your nose and look through it, it only has a plural neuter form :P.

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