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Match the Words Game

I think for certain words, such as:

Where, Why, How, When, Who, What, Which

it would be educational if we had a game where we had to match them to their other-language counterparts.

I just feel like I'd be memorizing this faster by seeing a list of them, than by playing standard duolingo.

It's just too easy to confuse them, and too easy to guess at them via context so that you aren't actually learning.

If, however, you threw Quieres, Cuales, and other such words at me on their own, I'd have to actually remember which was which.

Does anyone else feel something like this could be helpful?

August 24, 2013



Come to think of it, this might work for different forms of a word, too.

So you have: We, You, I, They, You(Plural), He/She/It, and etc..

Then you have to match those to: Comemos, Comes, Como, Comen, Comen, Come, and etc..

Word forms are probably my biggest annoyance with Duolingo, so something like this might have big results for users like me.


Yes, I guess, if you added it in the lesson.


Cool idea, that would be nice.


Check out quizlet. http://quizlet.com/subject/spanish/. There are several activities, including a matching game (scatter), that you can do with each set. I have always found an existing set to use, but you can create your own.

Here's one with interrogative pronouns. quizlet.com/1773123/spanish-interrogative-pronouns/ It's not so good for the typing race game because it has too many extra symbols like ... and ¿, but it's good for the matching game.

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