"Is it to the right or to the left?"

Translation:Är det till höger eller till vänster?

March 6, 2015

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Can anyone explain why "Ligger det till höger eller till vänster" is wrong? Thanks!


That is an accepted answer in the incubator, so I don't know what happened there. Maybe some other typo?


At least, the text was "Ligger det till höger eller till vanlig?" for me, not "vänster"


Is it mandatory to repeat "till" ?

Would "Är det till höger eller vänster?" be right, at least orally ?

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Akin but slightly different question, skulle kunna man sager .. är det till höger eller vänstra


Isn't vänstra the adjective, like in "take the left door"? I don't think you can use it as noun to say "to the left", I believe that should always be "till vänster". My Swedish isn't that good, though.

I wrote "till höger eller vänster" and it was marked as wrong. Is that a mistake or do we really have to repeat "till" every time? It would be great if someone here could explain that :)


I reply: "Finns det till höger eller till vänster". Why is it wrong?


"Finns det" is for when asking if something exists, "does this shirt come in blue" or "is there cake". In this case it is already established that there is some direction (it) one wants to go in, and the question is weather "it" is to left or right, hence the use of "det". (which you can also see as a general placeholder, like "it" is raining)


Why do we omit the word "the" in this sentence? It seems the translation from Swedish would mean "Is it to right or to left?," which does not make sense to me.


They don't put the word "the" before right/left in Swedish. The translation from swedish wouldnt read like that because we never translate word-for-word between languages; it just doesn't work.


Yeah, I understand that translation isn't always one for one. The answer I was looking for in this case was just that Swedish doesn't use "the" in that situation. I didn't mean for my original question to come off as combative or critical. Thanks for clarifying!

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