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"Is it to the right or to the left?"

Translation:Är det till höger eller till vänster?

March 6, 2015



Is it mandatory to repeat "till" ?

Would "Är det till höger eller vänster?" be right, at least orally ?


Akin but slightly different question, skulle kunna man sager .. är det till höger eller vänstra


Isn't vänstra the adjective, like in "take the left door"? I don't think you can use it as noun to say "to the left", I believe that should always be "till vänster". My Swedish isn't that good, though.

I wrote "till höger eller vänster" and it was marked as wrong. Is that a mistake or do we really have to repeat "till" every time? It would be great if someone here could explain that :)


Can anyone explain why "Ligger det till höger eller till vänster" is wrong? Thanks!


That is an accepted answer in the incubator, so I don't know what happened there. Maybe some other typo?


At least, the text was "Ligger det till höger eller till vanlig?" for me, not "vänster"

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