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"Fuair iarratais agus iontrálacha gach lá."

Translation:He got applications and entries every day.

March 6, 2015



The past habitual is needed here. You can't get something once every day...

>D’fhaigheadh iarratais agus iontrálacha gach lá


"Found" was suggested for fuair in the dictionary hints, but marked incorrect. Am I missing anything?


This is the past form of the word we first got to know as faigheann in Verbs 1. It means get, gather ... including "find", and was also used for receiving letters demanding money.


Now in English it is probably more reasonable to get applications and entries, rather than to find them (e.g. on the street or in your office, under the waste paper basket).

(and later this word was used for finding death, so it is a word of many uses).

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