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Timed Practice and Time Alloted

I know I've complained about this before, but thirty seconds really doesn't work. If I've elected to do a timed practice on, say, conditional verbs 2, and Duolingo offers me a long compounded phrase, thirty seconds does not provide enough time to (a) hear the phrase (b) remember the entire phrase (c) type the phrase correctly, especially with diacritical marks (I use a standard English keyboard). You folks ought to take the types of lessons into account when deciding how much time to allot in a timed practice. Thirty seconds may be fine for an early lesson, but for a complicated phrase with diacritical marks, it doesn't work. Please fix this.

December 9, 2012



I agree with you, wombatua. One thing you can do is just deliberately miss the really long sentences that are going to require a lot of listening and subsequent typing, so that you'll have more time left for questions that you can answer quickly. It's an ugly work-around, for sure, but it might help.

As for myself, I just don't do timed lessons (well, rarely). You always have the option to do them without the timer, and, for me, under the current system, that works better.


Yes, I could do it without the timer, but I'm trying to take the immediateness (is that even an English word?) of language into account by doing the timed ones. I agree that it's easy enough in the timed lessons to just deliberately miss the long ones, but it seems as though that doesn't help the learning process. If it's possible for Duolingo to vary the amount of time allotted depending on the complexity of the particular lesson, I'd like to see them do that. Otherwise, though, you're right - I should just ignore those offerings.


Very well said, and I agree with you on every point. Skipping a long question is a nasty work-around, but, until Duolingo implements a more sophisticated timing scheme, it's the best I can come up with. Hopefully it will get better in the future. I know the Duolingo crew is constantly improving the site, and I expect they'll fix this issue too at some point.

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