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Discussion (Forum) : Report a Problem from the sentence's page


I would find useful to have the option to report a problem (in a sentence/sound/...) directly from the Discussion page of a particular sentence.

Indeed it occurs many time that someone ask for an explanation after being marked wrong and then the response is that his/her answer should have been accepted but then it's too late to report the problem as the discussion page of the sentence doesn't have this option. So he/she has to wait for duolingo to someday ask again (which can be long...) the sentence and remembering at this moment that there was a problem..

August 24, 2013



If someone from the team says the response should have been accepted then it will definitely be altered. For now, if what you described happens in the discussion hit the support tab to the left and report the error. We'll get it fixed! Thanks and interesting suggestion that we'll think more about!


Ok I'll do that now on. I thought the support tab was reserved for technical problem or suggestion. Thank you.


You can still report the problem after you go into the discussion page. When you're in the discussion, just click on the X in the top right or click outside the discussion box and you'll get back to the question where you can click on Report A Problem. (I almost always read the discussion before I report a problem.)


Not if you come to the discussion from the Forum not from the exercizes... that's my point!

I'm speaking about this type of pages : http://www.duolingo.com/comment/741368


Ok, I see what you mean.

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