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  5. "La donna arriva da Venezia."

"La donna arriva da Venezia."

Translation:The woman arrives from Venice.

March 7, 2015



Couldn't arriva also mean "comes" as in, the women comes from venice?


I have the same question exactly. is the Phrase "I come from Italy/Germany/Poland" means only the origin?


I have seen "come" as an alternative translation for forms of "arrivare." I have no idea why it was not accepted her, since it makes perfect sense.


Is anyone else finding prepositions very hard?


Why is "comes from" marked as being wrong in this case, as it's admitted as a correct translation for another sentence, "Arriviamo da Milano" in the same exercise?


I am confused, because doesn't "arrive" imply that you've reached your destination? I understand: "I arrive in venice" , but not "I arrive from venice". Why is arrive used here in stead of for instance: "I'm back from venice"?


Because "I'm back from Venice" implies that you were here before that you go to Venice and this is not probably the case nor it is what we want to say. It is true that "arrive" means that the destination is reached but this does not mean that whatever name of a place mentioned in the sentence shall be that destination, and in this case Venice is the departure place, thus it should be preceded by the preposition "from". And the destination is not mentioned here. I hope that helps.


Q: I'm waiting at Heathrow, which flight is she on? A: The woman arrives from Venice, but the flight has been delayed.


okay in this case the sentence makes sense!


Earlier it accepted "comes from" for this translation


Duo is far from being perfect or reasonably good teaching resource. What's right in one exercise is wrong in another one and vice versa.


throwing in a city name was a dirty trick on the listening, I didnt know how to spell Venezia


Is there a place that Duolingo goes over the grammar with us, or do we need to look up the rules separately?


How do I distinguish 'di' from 'da' to mean 'from'?


Perché no: "The LADY arrives from Venezia" ?


Lady usually has a different word, like in Spanish, 'mujer' means woman, but 'senora' means lady.


Is there another word i can use for from because 'da' is gives


"The woman from Italy is arriving today // Nothing can stop her from coming this way." Sorry, I just couldn't resist.


No entiendo porqué me corrigen arrives por arrive automáticamente cuando yo lo he escrito correctamente. Cuando me doy cuenta tengo que insistir dos veces para que aparezca lo que he escrito.


In this case same mean of the woman comes from. It is the same. To arrive to Rome means arrivare a Roma. To arrive from means arrivare da Roma. Is necessary to look the word before


I listened to the audio 12 times both fast and slow and i swear he said valencia not venezia. This app really pisses me off some times.


I really want to go to Venice one day!! Family history GALORE!!!


The Italian preposition da means "from, since, at." It can also indicate location or movement to a place.


Check the preposition lesson. It is full of mistakes. Read the comments!

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