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Mother tongue flag


as the flags with the level are indicated near our pseudo, why not indicate the flag of the mother tongue (for users that will accept to give to Duolingo their mother tongue) ?

Indeed, more than show how good we're at this or this language, I find this little flag useful to help evaluating the accuracy of an answer of a question or to know how detailed or basic we should answer to someone (you don't answer the same way to someone level 3 than a level 24...). So, wouldn't be useful to have, first, near the pseudo the (or the two for some) mother tongue ?

In the same idea, wouldn't be possible to merge flags from the "learning from english" with the flags from the "learning from other languages". I explain:

I'm learning spanish from english (because I can't from french and also because that way I learn english too) and english from french. But as one is from english and the other one is from french, if I'm under the "english interface" (what I called earlier "Duo from english") the american flag with level doesn't appear in the discussion and if I'm under the "french interface" I only see my american flag with level.

So for the same reason as in the beginning of this post I would find useful to put all the flag.

There is the question/problem if, in the future, someone as level of, for example, italian, from several language (for example english and french). Well a solution would be to show near the italian flag the best level among the levels from english and french.

This lead to another question/suggestion. Wouldn't be possible to somehow merge the duolingo interface in each language ?

I imagine it's probably a choice from the beginning, among other reasons maybe for developing reasons. But... no cost to ask :) [Maybe this literal translation from french doesn't make any sense... :)] And I would find it benificial to have a "direct" access to other Discussion, and it'll mixed more the users so they'll exchange more. For example, actually we're a little "alone" in the "from french" interface, it could be helpful for native french speakers who want to learn english to have a quick access to the discussion about french from english, they'll learn even faster. Last reason : it's annoying to pass from one interface to another when it's so user-friendly to pass to different languages that we learn from a same language. :)

PS : Sorry for this (too) long post.

August 24, 2013



I agree that allowing participants to show their "mother tongues" would be good (Mine is (US) English).


I disagree on some points.

  • We should trust answers from resources referenced, like about.com and Wiktionary. Native speakers get things wrong, and have learnt the language in a different way. They may think that X is a rule, when it isn't.

Although I will concede that those can be more useful than the formal ones =)

  • What about those with more than one native language?
  • I too skip between interfaces (french for englishspeakers and vice versa), and don't think the cost is too high. But wouldn't mind "crossbreeding" =)


Yes of course, it's better with reference, and first of all famous dictionary, but when there are only unreferenced answers... ? It will be a little help. Of course it's not perfect, native speaker can have regionalism or be wrong about their own language, but still it's an indication.

I thought about two languages : you put both. Two flags or an half-half flag like this: http://images.clipartof.com/thumbnails/223764-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Half-United-Kingdom-And-Half-American-Flag-Background.jpg (it's just for the example this particular one is useless for us. Well except, as Duo teach both UK and US english, I would find better (more diplomatic) to put this flag instead of the US one for english... but that's another debate). Well if someone as 3 mother tongues... well he'll have to choose, we can't fit every particular cases ;)

With the ":)" at the end of the "skip between" reason, I wanted to show that that was a flasy reason, half a joke... But as you said we wouldn't mind "crossbreeding".


Then you'd have to make a whole bunch of combination flags though. Plus, 2 is not the only number of native languages a person can have. Why should they choose?

Officially, DL teaches US-English btw, and Brazilian Portuguese, source: https://twitter.com/duolingo/status/369473789186166784


Nitpicker =)


Well so you can just put side by side all the different flags. Otherwise... choosing... yes it's not perfect but nothing's perfect... :)

Oh, I didn't know... I didn't find the information (in the FAQ for example ;) ). Well, so to the question "why Duo doesn't accept that" and it's a british word I can now answer "because Duo teach american english" ;). Thanks for the information.


I support this idea. And I think that you should be able to translate articles to/from your mother tongue. For instance. My mother tongue is Portuguese, but I have a high level English. So I am using English to learn Spanish, French and German. I would like to use Immersion to translate from these languages to Portuguese, instead of English. Because it would be a little bit easier not to have to make a double effort in every translation.

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