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Chat: Why I'm soaring through the exercises

I learned most of my portuguese from chatting with family in brazil. A chat site/program for visitors of duolingo would be awesome. Most of my vocabulary was built from google image searches on words and google translate searches for words I needed while chatting.

December 9, 2012



Im not soaring but i doing pretty well. I have a Spanish speaking background so some of the words are familiar. I like it though. I learned a lot of Portuguese before to by talking to my Brazilian friends and looking up verbs and going to conjuga-me.org to conjugate them. This site is helping me with my listening, retention of vocabulary, and writing correctly. including accents. I agree they should add some type of live video chat interface so that we can talk to other learning the languages! Happy language learning to you man!


Looking at your conjugation site I decided to look for a more exercise based site and found it:

Overview of the verb conjugations you can practice https://conjuguemos.com/list.php?type=verbs&division=verbs&language=portuguese

present tense https://conjuguemos.com/activity.php?language=portuguese&id=1&source=public&type=verbs

The site is focussed at little children but I improve fast, so it is a good site.

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