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  5. "All the programs are open."

"All the programs are open."

Translation:Alle programmerne er åbne.

March 7, 2015



Question: Does Danish consistently use the definite prefix after 'alle'? In English we can say 'all programs' or 'all the programs'. Would 'alle programmer', without -ne, be correct too?


It wouldn't work here, but it is possible to say "alle programmer"


can someone explain to me åbne vs åben ? what's the difference?


The difference is the number of programs. "Åben/Åbent" is for singular (common gender/neutral gender noun) and "åbne" is for plural no matter the gender of the noun.
"Skabet er åbent" The closet is open.
"Baren er åben." The bar is open.
"Dørene er åbne." The doors are open.

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