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Memory leak in the Duolingo app

I love this app, but I wanted to report a technical problem that seems to be recent (or I just noticed it since I've been doing more translations).

I am using Chrome on Windows 7. The longer I use the web app, the more memory the browser tab consumes. This happens especially when doing translations. Over time, the memory usage can approach 1GB while that tab is open (observed in Chrome's task manager). If I close the tab and reopen Duolingo, it resets. Just letting you know, and I can provide screenshots or more info if you'd like.

March 7, 2015

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I have similar problems using Duolingo on my iPad Pro with both the Safari browser and the app versions. It’s a high spec iPad and I have 200mb broadband connection. The problem has persisted through an iOS upgrade to 13.1.2. One of the problems is when Duolingo is speaking a sentence it often misses out words at the end of the sentence but even sometimes at the beginning. Closing the app/browser and reopening it clears the problem for a few minutes then it returns. It looks like a memory management issue in the Duolingo code.

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