"Tolv flickor och femton pojkar leker i parken."

Translation:Twelve girls and fifteen boys are playing in the park.

March 7, 2015

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I have started to notice that my English spelling of numbers is hard. Seeing as I almost never spell number. I must really think how to spell them, instead of just giving a figure. lol


Hope I'm not spoiling anything for you now but you're actually allowed to write the English numbers in figures here. Not the Swedish though :D


Yeah, I know :) But I wanted to spell them out. And that is when I discovered my ability :P


Double learning, double fun. :)


That's true, numbers are hard to spell in many languages. I still have problems with 5 - 15 - 50 - 500 in Spanish!


Cinco, quince, cincuenta, quinientos. :D


Playing at the park versus playing in the park. I would never say playing IN the park. It marked me wrong. I can see that i parken is "in the park" but I thought we are not necessarily supposed to directly translate word for word, but use the closest words/phrases that mean the same thing.


Seems to never accept my pronunciation of numbers. I sincerely doubt that I'm mispronouncing "tolv" or "femton."


I noticed it too, I think something like the correct pronunciation against which Duolingo should compare must be missing. I'll report it.


Can i check: is the prosody correct in the voice on this one?


Sounds OK to me.

[deactivated user]

    When do you use tolv and tolva?


    tolva is the noun form, very rarely used. For instance, I might (very seldomly) refer to the twelve on a clock as tolvan, because I'm speaking about a specific instance of the number. But in general, I'd advise you always to use tolv - you're likely never going to use tolva ever.


    In the numbers exercises Duolingo doesn't recognize my pronunciation of them. I get the rest of the sentence recognized (highlighted in blue as I speak), but not the numbers. I have tried to report it through the standard options, but I could only use the very generic "something else is wrong", hence why I am reporting it here hoping that a moderator will read my comment.


    Unfortunately, I can do absolutely nothing about it. We have no control over the voice recognition, and honestly it doesn't work well at all for Swedish. I'm sorry I don't have a better reply.


    Hey, thanks for replying anyway, I appreciate the work you guys do. Happy new year!

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