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Where do you find the edits that people have suggested to you?

I don't want to search through all the translations I have done for them!

May 10, 2012



If someone suggests an edit for one of your translations, a corresponding message appears in your activity stream. I receive them very rarely. People seem don't seem to comment a lot.


wataya is right, you can always find the suggested edit in your stream. And if you choose to, you can get an email when somebody suggests an edit.

And wataya, if you don't receive many edits, that either means that the people are not commenting enough (for whatever reason) or you are too good, so no edits are needed. Maybe I should have a look at your translations to decide if it is the first or the later ;)


@grantangi: As I'm not a native speaker of English, alternative 2 seems improbable to me. I guess my translations are so poor that people don't see any hope of improving it by any suggestions ;-) But if you want to have a look... go for it! ;-) I appreciate any help I can get ;-)


No worries. I'm not a native speaker as well (Another German here ;) But I can surely have a look at your translations, to see what I can say about them. Although, looking at your skill points, you seem to be the more experienced one or just someone with a lot of free time at your hands ;)


Does it only show up in the stream? The problem I find with the stream is that things get buried in there pretty quickly (depends on how many people you are following, how active they are, and how long you've been away from Duolingo). I wonder if they would be able to implement some sort of notification system similar to what happens in Facebook?


@csi: As far as I know: yes, it does only show up in your stream; which indeed easily gets flooded with (for me at this point in time) useless information (x translated y sentences of z and the like). It would be great if we had some control over which information we want in our stream and which not.


I agree, I also would like to see some way to "filter" the stream.

But I think for finding the translations of others (if I follow them or not) that will not be enough. In the stream it is only shown, that someone did a translation of a sentence out of an article but not which sentence. And finding the solution of the specific person in the hundreds of other translations is somewhat tedious.

So a direct pointer to the translations of a specific person would be nice.

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