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Delighted with the new French words

Hi Duolingo. I've not been on for a while, but getting back into it. I am delighted that new words appear to have been added to the tree. I always felt the original tree wasn't big enough.

Best regards/Cordialement


March 7, 2015



I am now so addicted to duo lingo, can't stop doing it


Yesterday I went to the Boston aquarium and this french lady told her husband, "Cheri, regarde!" I was so stoked when I knew what they were saying! Thanks Duolingo :D


I haven't received the new French update yet, so I am eager to see it.


Anybody know what the word count is for the updated tree?


I have still some of the new exercises undone but so far it shows 1873 words. I will update the situation after I get them all done :)


I just finished the tree again! The final word count with the new words is 1935.


Same question here. (Too lazy to count) :/


Thanks for the comments and the upvotes people. I haven't finished my tree yet so I can't say what the new word count is, but apparently there are 12 new skills. I counted the other day and I think the total is now 81.


I have now done about 2/3 of the new exercises (13 left) and most of them have the same vocabulary than before but also some new words. I mean that there are no completely new skills but new exercises ("boxes") in many skills, mostly one per skill. I think the biggest change has been in the way that the words are divided between the exercises in each skill.

Anyway, this is not official information, just my thoughts so far :)

edit: I counted that there are 40 new lessons which I called boxes earlier. I have still 9 left, getting there soon.


So about my trophy... Is it just absent on the mobile site or do I need to reclaim by completing the new words?

Just checking. I likehaving more words more than my 1875 trophy, though I would like having both trophies, too, or having a trophy with an annotation attesting to my original award. :)


When you complete the new words, the trophy will reappear. At least that's how it works for me :)

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