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  5. "De har fire dejlige børn."

"De har fire dejlige børn."

Translation:They have four lovely children.

March 7, 2015



I translated "dejlige" as "pretty" and it says it is wrong. What is the problem with the meaning?


"Dejlig" is like nice, while "pretty" ("pæne") is more about their appearance

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it's closer to "delightful" to me (way to remember it lol)


I put 'delightful' but it was not accepted :-(


Given that this is where the word "Delightful" comes from, it's quite ironic that this is not an accepted answer. Reported to duolingo and let's hope for a swift fix.


I reported it 11 months ago and I'm sure others have reported it too. I'm disappointed that no one in authority appears to take heed of the reports.

[deactivated user]

    It gives lovely as the official answer. I put beautiful. It's synonymous in this context. Shot down.


    "Beautiful" sounds much more like a visual thing to me, while "lovely" is more about behaviour.


    Why is "delightful" not accepted? It means the same thing. I see below that I'm by no means the first to make this comment!


    Probably an overlook from duolingo.

    I don't know the difference between lovely and delightful and for me dejlig is ok for babies, but seems a bit ironic when it refers to adult people. It makes me think of ice cream or candy. I prefer to say bedårende.


    They are still not accepting 'They have four delightful children" September 2020. :-( Have reported it.

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