Sound problems

Hello. I'm having troubles with the sounds functions on this website. all the "speech" parts (meaning the human voice that reads the word) is not working. i checked my volume settings, refreshed the page and closed and re-opened the site, but the problem is still happening. I really want to start using the site but i cant with this problem. please, help!

August 24, 2013


If it's a laptop then you may have to turn off some or all of your extensions. Close the browser and restart. This worked for me. If it's an iPhone 4S then were in the same boat. I cannot get the speaker playback to work. It only makes the beeps after the assessment. Tried everything including a new iOS, app, etc. Nothing works. Duolingo said I had a conflict on my phone but offered nothing in the way of advice. Good luck to you.

thank you. I have a desktop computer and I am am using Google chrome. I also updated the latest adobe plugins and still nothing. It is a shame that this problem happens to so many people and still there is no solution.

The key for me on my laptop (with Safari) was turning off the Ad Blocker extension. If you have this in Chrome then try that and restart. And, yes it is a shame they do not have better quality control within their development.

Tried it and still nothing : thank you though.

I'm having the same problem on my PC! Hope they have a solution soon!

hey jillha. i managed to find a solution to the problem, and it's quite simple; just switch your browser.i downloaded FireFox and now it works perfect with it. with Google Chrome it is still problematic (for me anyways). Hope I was of any good help for you.

Thx Rankoman,you saved the day:)..I also had problems with sound,and it really annoyed me..I switched to FireFox and all good now :)

Its quite Ironic that it doesn't work well for google chrome considering it was partly funded by google

Since there is mostly nothing else you can do about it just contact Dulingo and tell them about the problem. :) Hope everything turns out fine

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