"Desde então, o comportamento dela é excelente."

Translation:Since then her behavior has been excellent.

August 24, 2013


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Although present tense is used in Portuguese, in English we use the past tense here. "Since then, her behaviour has been excellent."

August 24, 2013


We can say "o comportamento dela tem sido excelente" (best option), or "o comportamento dela vem sendo excelente". (Portuguese present perfect does not mean the same as English present perfect)

September 17, 2013


That's present perfect being used. (An action that starts sometime in the past and continues to the present time.) Meets the requirements that it impacts the present and is still true.

Past tense would be "was excellent".

March 7, 2014


you mean present perfect not past tense...but your example is correct

November 5, 2013


Also acceptable in English would be "deportment" (used for school behavior) and "comportment" (how one carries oneself in general).

January 26, 2014
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