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  5. "Hon räknar med honom."

"Hon räknar med honom."

Translation:She is counting on him.

March 7, 2015



So this is kind of a set phrase, and never means "she counts with him"?


It could mean that too, but it’s also the set phrase ’count on’.


Vart är jenny och olof? Han lär sig räkna så hon räknar med honom

Where are jenny and olof? He's learning to count so she is counting with him

Hon räknar med att han ska dyka upp

She is counting on him to show up


In Standard Swedish, it would be Var är Jenny och Olof? – we use var for location and vart for direction. vart is used for both in some dialects, but we don't recommend doing that for learners and it's not accepted in answers in this course.


How to say 'She is counting with him', then? 'räknar tillsammans med'?


Does "she relies on him" work?


Similar meaning, but would rather translate to "hon förlitar sig på honom".


Hon räknar på honom.


So "Do not trust duolingo" is now in this course allso. I make the right answer but check, and duo gives wrong "to or about". Can someone outside change those?


I'm sorry I don't understand – exactly what happened?


all tre tips are wrong. This is the first time in swedish course. I was unsure if it is "on" and check, and thought that am wrong and change.. but i was not. Sometimes there is just nonsence, nothing to do with the sentence. That's why i am thinging, is there possibility a broke.. outsider changing them.


You should see a hint on all of 'is counting on' with 'räknar med', but these things don't always work perfectly. I see a lot of problems with this in the courses I'm taking, there's some problem in Duo's programming here.


School version?

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