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Translating Spanish from real world

I have reached level 11 but still having great difficulty with any of the translation exercizes. Comments?

May 10, 2012



Constant dripping wears away the stone... Just keep going!


I had to google that one ;-) But I really liked the movie. Miyagi's spirit is the way to go... ;-)


Click on the "View original" button and read the article right through to get the feel of what it's about. Then go back and try translating whichever sentences you can.


It would surely be helpful what type of problem you have with the translations. As you already are level 11 you should not have problems with at least the short type of sentences, like the ones in the lessons.

If you have problems with grasping the meaning of the sentence it could be a context problem. In that case the suggestion of Snowman is helpful, as reading (quickly or not) through the whole page to translate can give you a feel what the page is all about.

When you are really lost, you can always try the "riddle" way. Just take the sentence as a riddle and give it meaning ;) For that you can hoover over the words in the original sentence and have a look at the possible translations (sometimes the correct one is not in it, so using a dictionary is also helpful) and just try to write down some of the words translated into English. Then reread the translated sentence and try to correct the spots that sound not right, either by rearranging the words or finding different translations.

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