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Mac users and apostrophes

Hey all. For people with Macs - do any of you have this issue?

When I'm typing an English answer with a possessive apostrophe, I get a 'You have a typo in your answer' message, even though the answer does not have a typo.

For example:

The house's best wine The boy's football etc.

I use an English set up for my keyboard - I suspect that this could be the issue.

Grateful for any feedback. Lix

March 7, 2015



There are several types of apostrophes. http://i.imgur.com/B6gc4Bb.jpg This is the british layout, which one do you use? I think you should use the red one.


I think that's an old version/maybe desktop version because my keyboard looks NOTHING like that! :)

lickerish- I've got a Mac and haven't been experiencing this problem, but I'll keep an eye out now.


This a pretty standard wired Apple keyboard.

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