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Why did I loose my streak after 10xp yesterday

This is how my xp-profile looks like. http://imgur.com/vo6mO5S

I just lost my 17-day streak, while i did practice 10xp yesterday. I have my coaching limit on 30, so i did not fullfil that goal, but I did play. Does someone know why I lost my streak? I thought the coaching limit was not binding, I experimented with only obtaining '20xp' or so before, and that did not cause me to loose my streak, but today it does.

What went wrong? Is it because I failed to get my coaching goal twice in a row? Or is this a bug?

Thanks for the advice!

March 7, 2015



There has been a change in the way streak progress is counted since the introduction of the daily goal feature. Now, the daily goal has to be met before it counts the streak for the day. As you didn't meet your goal yesterday and, I will presume, didn't have a streak freeze, your streak was reset to zero.



Su 30 Mo 90 Tu 35 We 65 Th 26 Fr 10 Sa 41

Your xps for Friday were 10 maybe you goal was set higher then 10. So you loosed you streak.

You can set your goal on 1, so you need only 1 xp to keep your streak. You can buy a streak freeze in case you miss one day of exercising.

You get also lower points for exercising golden skills with known words, possible 3 xps instead of 10

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