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Time zone changed by itself, is now stuck

I know you supposedly can't change a time zone in duolingo, but somehow my time zone did change all by itself.

I live in California, but I created my account (on a tablet) while I was in Spain. So theoretically my account should be attached to the time zone in Spain. Then I moved to Japan and started using duolingo there (on my phone with an American sim card). Duolingo is now stuck in the time zone for Japan and has basically forgotten anything about my account being established in Spain. My little progress chart (on the desktop site) says it's now Sunday with 22 hours left in the day. It's now 2am Sunday in Japan, 6 pm Saturday in Spain, 9 am Saturday in California--clearly Japan's time zone.

I've tried deactivating/reactivating my account and deleting/redownloading the app on my phone where I prefer to practice but nothing works. And since my time zone has changed to the time zone in Japan from Spain, the time zone is clearly capable of changing despite the official stance of duolingo's staff. So how do I change it again (preferably to pacific standard time)?

March 7, 2015



This has happened to a couple of other users. If you use a mobile, other users report that it takes some time before the timezone is switched back on its own. Unlike on the website where it likely won't ever change [1].


I had time zone issues when I traveled - it reset to the time zone where I traveled, but didn't revert when I cam back home, even after a week. I finally managed to get it to resolve itself by logging out of Duolingo on all devices, quitting the app on mobile devices and the browser on my laptop, and then logging in again. It sounds like you've done more than that, but if you haven't tried logging out of EVERYTHING simultaneously it might still be worth a try.

Good luck. It was super frustrating, and also very frustrating not to get any reply from "support."

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