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Strategy Tips


I haven't seen or don't recall seeing this type of thread before, so I thought I might as well start one. What good/useful/unusual strategies do you use apart from duolingo for practicing your second languages?

I have a few, I jump across different language wikipedias, and I follow my German friends on facebook, and listen to music etc. I load my mp3 player with lessons, and use it to talk to myself when I am cycling. I've suggested Asterix to at least one person, and I can stand by this because its the best comic ever made and it is in a zillion different languages.

One of my favourites though, is to use google - if I am thinking of a phrase, and I am not sure I am saying it right, google invariably gives you the answer you want ; if you can find the phrase from the mouth of a native speaker, there is a good chance it means what you think it does. Which is useful, if you don't have any teachers :)

Also, even though I have ranted about people cheating with google translate, I wonder if it has occured to everone that you can use it in reverse. Type what you are thinking in eg German, and if you get a semi-sensible English translation, you can at least be fairly confident that it is understandable. It's actually good, because if you use it in reverse, you actually have to use your brain recall the words. If you can resist the tempation to cheat....that's your own problem ;)

But I mainly posted to hear everyone else's tricks and tips, so I hope I am missing some good ones :)

August 24, 2013

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I'm on InterPals. It's a penpal site where you can meet up with people from all across the world. You have to be careful, but it's fun. :-)

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