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Loading blank webpage frame

When i try to load the following URL on my ipad i get the duolingo site frame but no content:


December 10, 2012



It's because you don't yet have access to it (as can be seen from your Spanish tree).


Hmm, i got there by clicking on a skill on my vocabulary page (with the intent of practicing the skill that contained a word that only had one of four gold bars). Maybe words sometimes show up that we can't practice until we move down on the tree?


Yes, this should be fixed on our end.


I had two words show up in the practice that are in Abstract Objects 3 (among the last lessons on the Duolingo skill tree, and I have not reached it yet) so I guess words are occasionally introduced early. I suspect the practice has always preformed quite different than Duolingo staff thinks it does.


Same thing is happening to me now (09/09/2019) when I login from my laptop.

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