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What happened to individual goals for multiple languages?

As of this morning, the time I spend studying Swedish is lumped together with the time I spend studying Italian. Is this a bug, or intentional? It makes it much harder to gauge how to divide my time.

March 7, 2015



I think this changed with the introduction of the coach. The graphs used to count each language separately while the website streak counted all xp together. When the two were merged, the graph ended up counting everything together as well.

It would be nice if the graphs were separated again as it makes it easier to keep track while switching languages.


I'm trying to study four languages, but two of them, I only want to study for 10 minutes a day. Now I either need to jot down the time, or rough equivalent in points, for each language every day, or I need to sign up for four accounts, and switch between them every day. I'm rather bummed out about it.


I found this solution on anther thread and it worked for me. Share your progress with the email address you use for Duolingo. Then go to the educator dashboard to view your progress for each language at https://dashboard.duolingo.com/. I hope that helps. I really wish they would return the XP info to our profiles!


Your suggestion seems like the way to go. It's rather annoying, but much less annoying then the alternative - i.e.: using a pen and paper whenever I study. Thank you!


I had the same problem and this is by far the simplest way to view XP for individual languages. Thank you so much!


It's intentional. It's part of the new app March update on iOS. It shares the same goal with the streak and daily goal across all languages on both the site and the app.

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