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What is the best book for learning English grammar?

Hello I learn the English grammar is to read when I'm not connected to internet.

I need to recommend me only the names of publishers and authors.

What is the best book of grammar of English for native speakers of Spanish?

3 years ago



I recommend that you ask on the forum for people learning Spanish. Existe un libro que se recomiendan a cada rato, pero no me recuerdo el nombre.

3 years ago


Gramática de la lengua inglesa / Andrés Arenas, Enrique Girón. Author Arenas, Andrés.

3 years ago


Search the web for Schoolhouse Rock :)

3 years ago


We Indians swear by Wren and Martin. It also has exercises but no solutions...

3 years ago


Wren and Martin has a solution book also. Solutions are in another book. you have to buy it seperately

8 months ago