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Dashboard: Days Active

What does Days Active signify? I am testing the Dashboard against my own account, and the number shown in Days Active does not correspond to the streak lengths that were, until recently, show for individual languages, nor is it even close to the streak that is now reported for my account (84, 37, 85, and 82 shown for Days Active, vs 599 for streak length).


I think I've got it: Days Active is the numbers of days since December 13, 2014 on which the student has acquired XPs. That's what it seems to be for me, anyway.

March 7, 2015



I believe you can select the week and see how many days individual students were active in that period.


Yes, thanks for the suggestion! The weekly view seems like what I have been hoping for: a reasonable way to track my progress.


Congrats on your streak btw!


My dashboard now starts from 5 January and just shows 10 weeks. Does this apply generally? I would like to see all periods not just the last 10 weeks.


On the drop-down, the earliest date shown is Jan 5, but when I select All time, the data goes back to December 13. I can be sure of that because when I click the student to get detailed info about lessons and practices, I can scroll to the bottom of the list, which ends on Dec 13.


The dashboard date selector only goes back to 5 January (since that is the week we first launched the product). The data available only goes back to 13 December (since that was when we started to track many of these data points).

We recognize it would be ideal to see all data from the start, but at the moment we are not able to do so.

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