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Need Answers ?

Please bear with me as I type my headset won't work with duolingo and my neck is fused. The nerves controlling my arms are damaged and therefore my mind knows what keys I was supposed to press even if my fingers protest. I am new to duoLingo, but wanted to say I like to read FAQ and discussion sections in order to get a feel for pit falls others have fallen into. I've seen alot of comments about word gender, article before nouns, sentence structure and why we are reminded to review words we feel we already know. In order to get them from short term memory to long term memory. If you go to vocabulary and click on the blue vocabulary word it will open a pop up window with these answers. Please for the sake of others who need this program stop complaining. After all it isn't costing you anything. Thank you DuoLingo for helping me.

August 24, 2013



Nice to see that someone at level two has it all figured out already.


I agree that some people complain too much. Duolingo is fun and it is free. What more do we want?


how to get lingots plz help

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