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  5. "Studenterna gör en övning."

"Studenterna gör en övning."

Translation:The students are doing an exercise.

March 7, 2015



Does this also refer to working out or just education?


"The students do a practice"

How incorrect is this? I know it doesn't flow too well in English but I think it could be used? Any thoughts? :)


Also had this error. English is my first language and this seems natural to me.


I used the "students are practicing" which I felt gave the proper English equivalent


may I ask the difference between student and elev?


Sure :)

An elev is a young pupil, while a student is an adult at a university or college. There's some leeway when talking about high school students, but "elev" are usually used for those too.


I wrote the students do a practice and was marked wrong


I do not see how "The students are making an exercise" / "The students make an exercise" can possibly be incorrect? Usually I understand a case can be argued for both 'for' and 'against' but "gör" can mean "make" in addition to "do", and students can make their own exercise, thus I would think my two examples should be accepted no? Unless "gör" only refers to when making something tangible and not an idea etc.


What's ''practice'' as a verb?

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