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freezing while grading, any help would be appreciated

the last 3 days DL's been freezing, about 3 0r 4 questions into a lesson I answer a question it says ''grading'' but never advances. The ''O'' at the end of duolingo on top of the screen has the loading thing running with in the letter but it never advances through. Not sure if the prob is on my end or Duo's, anyone have the same problem, any help would be greatly appreciated.

March 7, 2015



I've had that problem when the Internet speed is slow. Do you know if yours is slow or not? Also, there is a chance that it might be your computer.


thanks for the reply Captain, i actually have always had fast internet and recently i've gotten even faster internet. three days ago i was breezing through lessons it was working perfect then i took a progress quiz and after that the problem seems to have occurred. Not sure if that had anything to do with it, weird thing is it's been working good on my computer and tablet fine for 2 months, now it's like this on both.


That is weird. Whenever I help people with these type of things, it's almost always slow bandwidth or slow computer. But yours aren't so it is most likely something wrong with Duolingo. I can't help you anymore, but you can try contacting Duolingo.


no worries i'll contact duo, i guess maybe they can look at it from their end. Where i live it's been cold and 2 days ago we had snow, think that has anything to do with it? thanks again captain i appreciate the replies and how quick they were.


Hi Far_1, can you give us some more info about the system you're running Duolingo on? Which browser version are you using and which operating system? does this happen during a specific lesson? Also, is it consistent - are you unable to finish the lesson/s every time you try?


hi pamec, i use internet explorer on both my hp laptop and my hp microsoft stream 7 tablet but earlier today i downloaded google chrome on my laptop and it got me through 1 lesson (still somewhat slow) but then the very next lesson it froze on''grading'' again and wouldn't advance. It happens on both spanish and portuguese for me, it's consistent, i'd say i can get through 1 or 2 lessons every 10 times i try, most times it stays on ''grading'' but never actually goes through. it happens in every lesson. I used duo on both my devices since december with no probs what so ever, this only started happening 3 days ago.

three days ago i was rolling through lessons with no problem (in both spanish and port) then i took a progress quiz in spanish then switched over to take the portuguese quiz and after i took that one it started acting up. I'm pretty laid back and i'm sure you and the duo staff are extremely busy so get to me whenever you can and thanks for taking the time to reply to my post, i hope my answers helped.

edit - it's fine when i have to select a picture of the word ex - ''the bottle'' or ''chicken'' it freezes up on sentences. Also i'm level 2 and 3 because i reset my progress i was level 10 on both languages at one point. (if that helps in any way)

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