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Sanskrit lessons


I am loving Duolingo and the experience of learning new language is amazing. I am new to Duolingo but I am already inclined to think that I will continue to use it for longer time to come and it is here to stay and grow for longer time to come!

I was wondering if you guys have any plans to add more languages. In which case, I was thinking if you do have Sanskrit as the language in the list and when do you guys plan to intend to release making Sanskrit the language available for learning on Duolingo!


August 25, 2013



Is there someone working on it? I would love to learn Sanskrit as well!


I don't think, there's someone working on it now. But we need to request for Sanskrit https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15014194


I would like to see some of the classical languages such as classical Greek, Latin and Sanskrit make it to Duolingo. Making these languages available will be useful in learning to read old literature and studying new languages. I say, if Klingon and High Valyrian can make it to Duolingo, then any language can!


I too would like to learn Sanskrit learning via duolingo.


+1 for the Sanskrit lessons!


Me too, please keep sanskrit in your learning programme. I am very much keen to know the language.


i would love to learn sanskrit with duolingo...


Definitely. Would love to learn Sanskrit, and also Icelandic (connected to Old Norse) through Duolingo. Learning Norwegian now, very fun and easy.


kindly add sanskrit and tamil please , waiting eagerly for sankrit you can seek help from chinmaya mission and tamil there can be many contributors


Yes, I would love to learn Sanskrit.

It's unfortunate that Duolingo doesn't have any kind of voting system where users can vote which languages they would like to learn, and the ability to see a list of users who are willing to contribute or something. Why is all of this hidden from us?


Same here.. As hindu i am keened to learn sanskrit.


Sanskrit is really a great language and unfortunately I'm not too good with it. So I would thank the team if you take it to my click.....


Sanskrit is a very interesting language. It should be part of Duolingo.


Suprabhatam ! good idea ! perhaps we should put it in the incubator and contribute too.


A lingot for you for showing interest in learning Sanskrit...:)


Please add Sanskrit. It is the language of Enlightenment.


I want Sanskrit on duolingo please bring it


We need sanskrit


Add Sanskrit, Duo. WE NEED IT!!!


(Idk if hastags work here :-p)

Edit: hey, i typed a hash, why is it showing a programming tag?


I loved to see Sanskrit ASAP


I hope there will be Sanskrit Language.

Also I studu youe Navajo Language. I wish there was more audio. Does Duolingo Plus have audio in Navajo?

I am grateful for the gift of Duolingo. It has opened doors of consciousness to me.


Navajo is new (relatively) so it is probably still being added to. I don't think it has to do with Plus.


I was quite surprised to see that coming back to Duolingo after 5 years they still havn't got sanskrit up and running. Another obvious one missing is ancient greek.


ya me too it would also help me in my school work


Yes, it would be great help if sanskrit language can be added to Duolingo.


Good question asked by Nikhil. I could drill for an answer to find learning source elsewhere Pleased to share link....may be helpful for people interesting in; https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-best-resources-to-learn-Sanskrit Thank you, Anand


Sanskrit may be the mother language of all modern languages or at least very close to it. It would be a real benefit to humanity to keep this language living. We definitely need a great Sanskrit practice app; I don't think one has been created yet. The Duolingo method is an excellent one. I really pray that we will have a Sanskrit module soon.


+1 for sanskrit lessons

  • 1 for sanskrit 1 lingot for you


It'd be great to have a Sanskrit course on the Duolingo platform.


Yes, Sanskrit would be nice addition to the courses.


even i need to learn sanskrit. i can't understand it better at school. duolingo teaches really well


I would love to learn sanskrit!

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