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Duolingo Worksheets!


Hey there, Duo-Users! So I know that a lot of people would like some printable worksheets for Duolingo. Obviously, this is not in the forseeable future to be coming from Duolingo (they have a lot of work piled up, I'm sure!), so I put to work on making my own.

These worksheets are for the Spanish for English speakers course.

Currently, I only have one worksheet per skill, but maybe in the future I will make more per skill.

Each worksheet does come with an answer key, but I do need some help from you guys! I'm still learning Spanish myself, and I can't be 100% if all my answers are right. PLEASE let me know of any corrections necessary in the comments or on my stream.

These worksheets are not editable, because I do not want spam, incorrect edits, or inappropriate additions into the document.

To complete them, you can paste them into Word or your own Google Doc and fill them out within that, or like I suggest: print them out! You can print from within Google Docs.

My worksheets are under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. (It seems most relevant to apply as to how I want them to be used.)

Anyways, I should now get to linking these worksheets!


Basics 1 & 2 Worksheet Answer Key

Phrases Worksheet Answer Key

Food and Animals Worksheet *This worksheet takes a creative approach and does not need an answer key.

Plurals Worksheet Answer Key

Possessives Worksheet Answer Key


These worksheets feature a larger font. Please note that to print these will take more ink and/or paper.

Basics 1 & 2 Worksheet Answer Key

Phrases Worksheet Answer Key

Food and Animals Worksheet *This worksheet takes a creative approach and does not need an answer key.

Plurals Worksheet Answer Key

Possessives Worksheet Answer Key

This will be the "official post" but I suppose I'll do a new post every 5 worksheets.

  • First set: You're lookin' at it! :)

  • Second set: Click Here


...I'll add to this as questions come up.

  • Are my answer keys correct?

  • Are the questions able to answer if the user has completed that skill, and none ahead of it?

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions about all this or any suggestions or things on how to improve my worksheets, let me know. :)

EDIT: Please upvote this post if you like this idea! I want lots of people to know about it. :)

March 8, 2015



Just some corrections:

  • Basics 1/2: 4 should be nosotras if you are all female, and 8 actually means ''I see the letter'' because you used 'ver' instead of 'leer'
  • Phrases and Plurals looks correct to me

Posessives has some issues:

  • 1-3 should only be tuyo/suyo and nuestro because the two objects are masculine
  • 1-4 should be suyo because vino is masculine
  • 1-5 could also be 'theirs' because 'su' refers to something being owned by a third party, including ellos/ellas
  • 1-6 should be tuya/suya because sopa is feminine

If you're confused about these changes, remember that posessive adjectives conjugate for the gender of the object, not the owner


Thanks so much for taking the time to write this all out! The first two were essentially typos but I knew I had mistakes in Possessives. Thanks for noting them out, I've fixed them up now. :)


Great work! I have a small suggestion: that you include answers without the initial pronoun in the answers lists. So in addition to:

  • Tú comes una manzana.
  • Usted come una manzana.

you might add

  • Comes una manzana.

And in addition to:

  • Ellos comen pan.
  • Ellas comen pan.

you might add

  • Comen pan.

This is excellent work and it's really great to have an offline version of duolingo's lessons available!


Thanks, I'm glad you like it! I'll get to adding that in a moment-- It totally slipped my mind! :)


Hello. I speak Spanish, I'm still learning English, but if you need help or have questions, I can help.


Gracias! Tengo una pregunta, pero sólo sé un poco de español. Es acerca de la frase, "The wine is hers." Para la palabra, "hers," ¿puedo usar "suya," "suyo," o ambos? También, la palabra para aprendendiendo en inglés es "learning."


La traducción seria: El vino es de ella. o El vino es suyo. Ya que el objeto es masculino. si el objeto fuera femenino se diria por ejemplo: La casa es suya.


Gracias! Eso ayuda.


One says: eso ayuda. :)


One says: eso ayuda. (That helps.) [It says: no es correcto.]


That's a fantastic idea. Thanks so much for that. Its really cool.


thank for your worsheets :)


I am happy that they help!


Wow, you put a lot of effort into this. Thank you!


¡Qué bueno! ¡Gracias! Aquí están algunos lingots. :)


I like the worksheets! And to answer the first thing you wanted to know: yes there is enough room to write! :)


Thanks for letting me know! As they are printable I was a little concerned that the spaces to write were a little too tight or small, but it is good to know they are not. :)


Looks great, I can't wait to try these! I especially like the food and animals one, you should put lots of other 'creative' excercises for noun-centered lessons if you're making more. Maybe we can create a discussion page and share them too? Thank you so much!


That's probably my plan for most of the vocabulary/noun-centric lessons in the tree! You're welcome, glad you like them.


@meiri-ri Felicitaciones por tu trabajo. Yo sugiero una actividad de completar las vocales faltantes:

p_rr_ (pErrO)

g_t_ (gAtO)


Gracias! Esa es una idea buena.


Just a correction: you should have used ser in this situation because the idea is not temporary or at least was not planned on being temporary when it was conceived.


Excelente! I'm adding these to my web pages that are based on Basics 1 and Phrases One:



I bookmarked this page so I can add more when I create more pages.


Thanks! I'm glad to see you've added them. I'll be adding the links of the new posts to this one when I make more worksheets. :)


pleeeeeeeeease make more! I am taking duolingo for my Spanish 1 credit in high school (I am homeschooled), but I need worksheets to use as a grading scale. I need more >.< thanks so much for doing all this!


De nada, amigo!


Wow, this is awesome! I especially like the Animals & Food one. This is a wonderful thing to do for the Duolingo community! Gracias! Here are a lot of lingots.


Thank you so so much! :O
I'm very glad you like it, and I hope it is of great use to you! :)


You're welcome and thanks. ;) Good luck on Duolingo!


I can't wait to try these :D


Thanks, wish I thought of that!!!


I love this. I keep thinking I want to buy a grammar workbook to help me these are great.


Hola. Mucho gusto :)


I've posted the next set of worksheets Here! :)


Thanks very helpful


¡Muchas Gracias! This is great!


This is fantastic! Thank you very much for sharing!


I just gave you a lot of lingots beacause of your good work:) Are you a teacher?


Haha, no, actually! Many people tell me I should be one. Thanks for all the lingots!


Wow, that´s awsome dude:) You´re welcome, I have a lot (234) no use 4 them. Yeah, you should really become a teacher. I work in junior high as an assistants to stuents mostly with Aspebergers Syndrom, ADHD, dyslexia and so on...so I learned 3 years of Spanish when I assisted a student for three years:)


¡Muchas Gracias! Thank you for doing this. The worksheets will help my learning.


This should be helpful to many people. Your efforts should be applauded. Bravo.


These are a great resource, specifically for a flipped classroom. :D


! Qué útil! I hope this works out but I am a little worried that a learner is setting the questions and marking the answers. It's not impossible to do of course especially with some help from native speakers or advanced learners.


Do you mean that you think someone might change the questions or mark answers in the document? If so, that's not possible because I've made it a "view-only" document. Thanks for the concern, though, unless you meant something else, which by all means: please correct me as to what you've meant. :)


Gracias. I love these worksheets. Looking forward to more . . .


Thank you very much for this. Gracias!


Good job thank you


Those look cool! Could you do french?


I may consider doing some French worksheets in the future, if I decide to pick up the language. :)


I would love it if you did french worksheets like these. I've looked at these ones and i love them, wish you would do french. I use Duolingo for school and this would help a ton. Think about it.


I'll be glad to, eventually! :)


This is great! Thanks so much!


These are really helpful! Gracias!


This is amazing! Thank you for your time, effort, and for sharing!


They're cool thanks


Yo helped me so much Thank You.. Gracias. looking forward to more. :D


Thanks a lot !!! This will be a great help.


me gusta esta!!!!!!!


I think this is a great idea. Thank you for all your hard work.


Would it be possible to adjust the font on the printing for the visually impaired? I think this is great though. I don't have an ipod so you gave me another way I can take lessons with me on vacation.


Certainly! I'm aware that I made the font here pretty small, mostly for people who are planning to print them and want to save paper or ink, but I'll be glad to make some seperate ones. I'll try to complete them in about 5 days, but if they are not done by then, post on my stream to remind me, if you will.


I think it would be great to have not only a zoom feature for lessons, quizzes, and discussion, but also to be able to adjust the font size or color for printing. Imagine if one could read one language in one color and another language in a different color for contrast! And I can! I just went to View and changed the zoom to read it! It worked. And you gave me ideas on how to print this! Thanks.


Cruise2525, I can ask my grandson about those features for you. He's a computer whiz, majoring in it in college. The zoom feature is automatic on my computer for Internet pages. All you do is press alt and the + button at the same time. You can make Duolingo bigger and bigger if you keep pressing these. To make the screen size smaller, you press alt and the - button the same way. When I see my grandson, I can ask him about other features. What type of computer do you have? I have an HP laptop with Windows 7. I usually use Chrome or Firefox. I have an android tablet, too, but so far I don't like to use it for Duolingo.


Is it possible for viewers with vision problems to enlarge their computer screens and increase the font size when printing? It's just a suggestion that might save a lot of your time.


That, unfortunately, does not work. It doesn't print with the large font.


Hello, Cruise2525. My Word program will allow me to increase my font size on printed material. I can do a screen shot of a page on the computer and then paste it onto a Word document. Then I use the Word program to enlarge it and then print. I'm wondering if that would help you. I'm pretty far sided and it makes it easier to read with larger print.


Actually, I'd suggest copy and pasting the TEXT, rather than making a screenshot and inserting that. It can save some time as well as make it easier to increase the font size.


You are right, meiri-ri, now that I think of it. My copy and paste wasn't working right the last time I was using it. That's why I did screen shots. But it is another way. ¡Gracias!


Sorry it took so long but Ive added the worksheets now! Thanks for your patience.


You are awesome! Thanks for making this! Many Lingots to you my friend! :)


You are amazing! Thank you for this! I'm so new to Duolingo and this has helped. :)


¡Hola! In Plurals Worksheet Part 2 you wrote: "Fill in the blank with the correct indefinite article (la, el, los, las)." , it should write definite not indefinite, right?


Wow, nice job! Thank you so much


Some of the links are not working


lovin duolingo but i need french worksheets


This is exactly what I am looking for. I teach Spanish and many of my students do not have access to a device. How can I help you with this so we can continue on?


Thank you taking the time to do this. Very generous of you!


Thank you so much for this!


Thank you so much for taking the time to do all these!


Thank you so very much this is a great resource!


Genius! Thank you for these!


Thank you so much for sharing!!


Same! I like the Animal & Food one, too.


co0o0o0L!!!!! :D


Agree that this is an outstanding resource. 10 lingots for your initiative!!!


1Just an amazing! Really thank you for doing that!


Thank you so much! My kids and I are learning Spanish on Duolingo, and I was thinking of ways to test them on their knowledge without having to make my own. These are wonderful! Bonus points, you've saved me a lot of time and brain power, lol. Thanks so much, and look forward to seeing more!


Thanks for the worksheets ! you made they are really helpful!

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